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In todayís demanding and competitive climate, itís more important than ever that the systems and equipment you purchase to solve your manufacturing problems work harder and better for you than ever. W. D. Laramore Manufacturing, Inc. has been a leader in the flour reclaim industry for over two decades. In 1976, W. D. Laramore Manufacturing became the first company to offer a completely automatic dusting flour reclaim and recycling system, and to date we have supplied hundreds of integrated flour reclaim systems world wide. Add this to the fact that weíve also been the specialist in roll and bread line reclaim technology, itís no wonder that W. D. Laramore Manufacturing, Inc. has developed a reputation for providing high quality solutions that help our customers succeed.

We are the only fully integrated Flour Reclaim System producer in the World with capabilities ranging from Roll Lines to Bread Lines, Moline Lines, Muffin Lines, Pita Lines, and Pizza Lines (to name a few), as well as the design, testing and manufacturing of new reclaim and recycling systems as time permits.

Every W. D. Laramore Manufacturing, Inc. system offers superior results and durability. Just as important, the people behind those systems are a cut above, reflecting the pride that comes from a rich tradition of excellence.

You can depend on W. D. Laramore Manufacturing, Inc. to provide the best equipment to meet your needs, manufactured by people who care and who will support that equipment with reliable, quality service in the years ahead.


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